Roadside Assistance

Ford Roadside Assistance is designed to provide you with total peace of mind motoring, knowing that if anything unexpected happens we are there to assist - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Roadside Assistance Overview

Ford Roadside Assistance staff are fully qualified to assist Ford owners all the way from providing general advice over the phone, right through to providing roadside service in the unlikely event of an emergency breakdown.

Professional help is only a toll free phone call away, 24 hours a day 365 days of the year, via our hotline 0800 15 16 17.

Ford Roadside Assistance provides unrivalled benefits to Ford owners throughout New Zealand. This is in addition to Ford's already comprehensive three-year(100,000kms) manufacturers warranty.

Ford Roadside Assistance is solely dedicated to the support of Ford owners and provides a comprehensive range of services at no charge.

Roadside Assistance Benefits

Flat Battery. Our roadside Technician will jump start a flat battery or co-ordinate/arrange battery replacement.

Out of Fuel Situation. We will provide 5 litres of petrol or diesel free of charge and deliver to your vehicle. Dedicated LPG Vehicles will be transported to nearest LPG facility.

Flat Tyre. We will change a flat tyre by fitting your spare wheel. (It is a requirement that you carry a serviceable spare wheel)

Mechanical Breakdown. As a first option, a trained Technician will provide over the phone diagnosis to enable you to become mobile. If this is not successful a Technician will carry out temporary or minor repairs to get you going again at the roadside.

Taxi. Where your vehicle cannot be mobilised, and must be transported to the nearest Ford Dealer or Ford authorised Service facility, a taxi ride up to the value of $50.00 including GST will be provided, to enable you and the other vehicle occupants to continue your journey.

Rental Vehicle (Refer conditions 1 & 2 below) To enable you to continue your journey, a rental car will be provided if your vehicle breaks down when you are more than 100km from home due to a mechanical defect which is likely to take more than 24 hours to repair. The rental car will be provided for up to four days, up to a maximum value of $120.00 including Gst per day, while the vehicle is being repaired.
Rental car conditions. All rental car costs, including fuel, toll charges, kilometres, (if not an unlimited kilometre hire), insurance and consumables, are the customers responsibility. The driver is responsible for any traffic infringements, which occur whilst driving the rental vehicle.

Accommodation (Refer conditions 1 & 2 below) If your vehicle breaks down when you are more than 100km from home due to a mechanical defect, which is likely to take more than 24 hours to repair, accommodation will be provided for up to three nights, up to a maximum value of $120.00 including Gst per night, while the vehicle is being repaired.

Vehicle Repatriation. If when you are more than 100km from home and your vehicle breaks down due to a mechanical defect which is likely to take more than 24 hours to repair, and the vehicle has been transported to the nearest Ford Dealer or Ford authorised Service facility, it will after repair, be repatriated to your home address or convenient location, whichever is closer.

Emergency Vehicle Access/Replacement of Lost Keys. Where possible we will re-open the vehicle, or locate and deliver spare keys, or supply replacement keys. If your vehicle cannot be re-opened or cannot be started, it will be transported to the nearest Ford Dealer or approved repairer.

Urgent Message Service. In the case of a breakdown, Ford Roadside Assistance will relay any urgent messages so that family and friends won't be worrying about you, or business colleagues kept waiting. So, whether you need to change a business meeting or tell the family where you are, our personal message service is there to help.

Emergency Windscreen Assistance. For assistance simply call Ford Roadside Assistance and we will refer you to the nearest reliable repairer. If you can't drive your vehicle, we can usually arrange to have them come to you. You'll be required to pay the repairer directly but you may be able to claim this cost under your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy.

Emergency Medical Assistance. If you are travelling away from home and in unfamiliar territory you may find yourself or your travelling companions in need of medical advice or treatment. Ford Roadside Assistance provides 24-hour access to trained medical staff who will provide appropriate advice and refer you to the nearest medical centre for treatment. The medical advice will be offered free of charge, however, you will be responsible for fees associated with obtaining medical attention or evacuation.

Emergency Travel Directions. If you become lost or require travel directions we can provide help and instructions for you to reach your planned destination.

Emergency Accident and Theft Assistance. Although these incidents are normally covered by comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, Ford Roadside Assistance can offer you advice if your vehicle is involved in an accident, stolen, or is vandalised. If you are involved in an accident and are unsure what to do, simply phone us for advice.

Centralised Booking Service. When your vehicle needs a service, call 0800-151617 and we will make a booking on your behalf at your preferred Ford Dealership. We, or the Ford Dealer will then call you back to confirm the appointment has been made.

Legal Advice. Ford Roadside Assistance can offer you legal advice 24 hours a day on matters arising from the use or ownership of your vehicle. All telephone advice is confidential and there are no consultation fees or telephone charges. Legal advice does not extend to written advice, the preparation of briefs or personal interviews.

Qualifying Vehicles

  • All Ford passenger vehicles currently within the 3-year (100,000kms) manufacturers warranty period.
  • All Ford light commerical vehicles currently within the 3-year (100,000kms) manufacturers warranty period and not exceeding 3.0 tonnes in gross weight.
  • Ford vehicles currently within the 3-year (100,000kms) manufacturers warranty period, which exceed 3.0 tonnes (but less than 5.0 tonnes) in gross weight, will be towed on an exception basis. Such vehicles require specialised towing equipment, which may not be readily avaliable.


As long as the terms and conditions listed below are met, Ford Roadside Assistance covers most circumstances except for the following:

  • When vehicles are unattended at the time of roadside callout.
  • When the vehicle is being used for racing, pace making, speed testing, reliability trials, competitions or off road activities at the time of the breakdown, accident or injury.
  • When the vehicle is bogged down or the vehicle is trapped or immobilised in extreme conditions; i.e. snow, ice, flooding, road slips or the like.
  • When the vehicle is immobilised by an accident and emergency services have not released it.
  • When it would be dangerous or illegal for Ford Roadside Assistance staff or contractors to load or transport the vehicle.
  • When vehicles are under repair on garage premises.
  • When the vehicle is over 5.0 tonnes in gross weight.

Terms and Conditions

Ford Roadside Assistance will endeavour to provide the services described on this website to the best of Ford's ability. But acts and events beyond its reasonable control (including such elements as industrial disputes, strikes, flood conditions, adverse weather, the geographic inaccessibility of certain areas in New Zealand, the absence and/or availability of service providers) may delay, interfere or prevent provision of some or all of these services.


Provider Network: Ford will endeavour to ensure that all service providers under the Ford Roadside Assistance programme are appropriately qualified to provide the service selected by the customer. Such service providers are completely independent of Ford.

1. Excludes vehicles being used for hire and reward (Taxis, & Rental vehicles incl. Camper Vans)
2. Vehicle recovery, rental car or accommodation benefits are provided in the event of a major breakdown of your vehicle which cannot be repaired within 24 hours and when you are more than 100km from home. For breakdowns within 100km of home, or if your vehicle could be repaired within 24 hours, elements of Ford Roadside Assistance will still apply and we will liase with you as to how best we can assist to repair or recover your vehicle and/or get you home.
NOTE: Ford Roadside Assistance provides either alternative transport (Taxi, Rental Car) OR Accommodation benefits.