• Smart bed rolls selfish sleepers back into place – using car tech and a conveyor belt

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    At the end of a hectic day, cosying up to the one you love should be a welcome relief. But for those who share their bed with a “space invader”, precious hours can be lost simply trying to reclaim a fair share of the mattress. Studies show that 1 in 4 of those in relationships sleep better alone. And over time, sleep loss increases the risk of injury and accidents at home, work and on the road. But if separate beds don’t appeal – a phenomenon now so popular that there is a recognised trend for so-called “sleep divorces” – what next? One solution could be Ford’s “Lane-Keeping Bed”, that applies car tech know-how to ensuring that even the most selfish bed mate stays firmly “in their lane” through the night.

    Prototype. Not available for purchase.